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Your website isn’t just a digital presence; it’s a powerful reflection of your brand identity. In those crucial first moments, potential customers form opinions based on user experience. Slow-loading pages and a cumbersome interface can hinder this experience, making it challenging for visitors to find what they need.

At New Generation Digital Marketing, we understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression. Our website design and development services prioritize the seamless integration of mobile responsiveness, fast-loading speeds, compelling call-to-actions, and SEO best practices. We don’t just build websites; we create engaging digital spaces that instill trust, captivate audiences, and guide them toward meaningful interactions with your brand.

Las Vegas Website Design - With SEO

SEO Copywriting

As part of our SEO Process, we get to know your business from an internal perspective. We learn about your services/products, what keywords your ideal customers use to find them/you, your company history, industry, and competitors.

With this arsenal of knowledge, we craft compelling SEO copywriting that builds up brand awareness, features industry-specific keywords and search queries, and targets the areas you serve. All of which determine your site’s relevancy and where it appears in the search results.

website design las vegas

WordPress Website Design

At our core, we're experts in crafting WordPress websites that not only look fantastic but also function seamlessly. By employing WordPress-specific hosting, themes, and design principles, we ensure your company's prowess takes center stage online.

As part of our website design or redesign services, we include essential steps to enhance your website’s online visibility and presence, such as updating or submitting your new website’s sitemap to popular search engines, submitting your site to industry-specific online directories, and optimizing your Google and Bing Profiles. This way, you’ll be easily discoverable by people looking for your services and products in your target areas.

new generation digital about us

Custom Website Design

At New Generation Digital Marketing, we do not believe in using prepopulated themes or templates for client websites. Your business is unique, so why should it look like others in your industry? With all the knowledge we learn about your company and its goals, we redefine your online presence through bespoke website design. The result is a new website that best reflects your brand and provides a seamless user experience with each click and pageview.

Elevate Your Digital Presence With Our Comprehensive

Website Design Services

Whether you want a few or all of the inclusions below, we offer a comprehensive suite of design and coding elements that we can customize to meet your goals to create a website that truly reflects your brand identity and engages your audience effectively.

Website Design Inclusions:

Website Design & Development FAQ

Explore our Website Design FAQs to find answers to common queries about our design process, customization options, and technical specifications. From optimizing user experience to ensuring mobile responsiveness, we’ve got you covered with insights to make your online presence stand out.


We provide custom website design and development based on the scope of each project. Every website is unique and requires different components. Most of our sites run in the $3,000 – $10,000 range but can be more or less depending on needs.

At New Generation Digital Marketing, our commitment extends beyond the completion of your website design. We believe in empowering our clients to navigate and manage their online presence confidently. Following the launch, per client request, we provide comprehensive training resources and conduct personalized training sessions to familiarize you and your staff with the ins and outs of your new website. Our technical support team remains at your disposal, ready to address any inquiries or challenges that may arise. Additionally, we offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure your website continues to function optimally, adapting to evolving needs and technological advancements. 

The timeline for designing a website can vary based on the complexity and specific requirements of each project. At New Generation Digital, we pride ourselves on delivering efficient and timely website design services. Simple websites with basic functionality may take a few weeks, while more intricate projects, such as e-commerce platforms or sites with advanced features, could extend the timeline to a few months. Throughout the process, our dedicated team works collaboratively with clients, ensuring that the design aligns with their vision and objectives. Transparent communication and a commitment to meeting deadlines are fundamental aspects of our approach, ensuring a streamlined and satisfactory experience for our clients during the website design journey.

Yes. We are huge advocates of the WordPress website development platform because its themes, plugins, and capabilities provide our clients with an attractive, functional, and mobile-friendly website that best represents their brand. In our professional opinion, when compared to website builders, such as Wix and SquareSpace, the WordPress website development platform and content management system (CMS) is best for long-term business and SEO growth.

Hosting is super important. When it comes to hosting, you get what you pay for. Our partner host is WP Engine. We recommend them because of their pros when it comes to speed, scalability, and deployment. While we are a WP Engine affiliate and can provide a small discount, we want you to feel absolutely comfortable with your choice. We will work alongside you to select the best host based on your needs.

At New Generation Digital Marketing, proximity doesn’t limit collaboration. While we offer the convenience of in-person meetings for clients in Colorado Springs and Las Vegas, geographical distance is never a barrier to working with us. No matter where you are, time zones pose no challenge. Our dedicated team is adept at coordinating seamlessly, ensuring that meetings and project timelines align with your schedule. Whether you’re local or across time zones, we’re committed to providing a smooth and efficient collaboration experience as we bring your new website to life.

Ultimately, the goal of both web design and SEO is to provide users with a great experience. Website design focuses more on the aesthetic components of a site, and SEO focuses more on the aspects that help it rank well in search engines; the desired result is the same: A website that gives visitors what they want and helps your business succeed.
To provide your visitors with the information they need to become customers, your site needs to be both functional and visually appealing — two qualities that a good website design company should achieve. It also needs to be easy for potential customers to find, which is where SEO services for local businesses come into play.

Many site owners think that great design can outweigh bad SEO, or vice versa, and want to know which is more important. However, the answer is neither. Strong SEO is what draws users to your site, and great design is what keeps them there.

Having a beautiful site is useless if no one sees it, and having a site that ranks at the top of search engines won’t help you if your poor design makes visitors leave (which, in turn, will hurt your rankings).

Not Sure Where to Start?

Get a Free Website
& SEO Audit

Our comprehensive website audit identifies problems that could be holding your website back from ranking high in the search engine result pages.  You will receive a clear, actionable, prioritized list of recommendations to help improve the experience visitors have on your website and your presence on the web.

This 7 part audit scans your website and the internet to compile a detailed overview and score for your:

Website Links & Authority

Local Search Rankings for Specific Keywords

Google Business Profile

Business Listings on Directory Sites

On-Site SEO

Social Media Presence

Sites Your Business is Reviewed on


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website design las vegas

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A 5-Star Las Vegas Marketing Agency

seo client testimonial
Mike Rizzo SEI Construction, Inc.

New Generation Digital's service has been excellent and has kept SEI's name and business at the top. Sarah always has fresh and relevant content and understands what is needed. On top of that, she is always readily available for any questions or issues that come along.

Seo client
John Longoria Highpoint Tree Care

Highpoint Tree Care has used New Generation Digital for a few years now. After using other similar marketing companies we have seen a higher visibility in our target areas. Sarah does a great job communicating results and strategies. Her attention to detail is top notch. We highly recommend NGD.

Nikki Wright FireStart Creative

Sarah took the time to understand my business and its goals, and she used that knowledge to create a comprehensive SEO strategy that was tailored specifically to my needs. She helped me identify keywords and phrases that were relevant to my audience, and she provided guidance on how to optimize my website to improve search engine rankings.

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