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Embark on a seamless interaction with our agency through our insightful Q&A. Discover what to expect when reaching out to us, tips for maximizing your pre-consultation time, and insights into our responsive approach. 


When you contact us, you can expect a prompt and personalized response from our Owner and Managing Director, Sarah Arizola-Claros. She’ll provide a brief description of our agency and process and attachments detailing the services you’ve shown interest in. Those attachments also include pricing.

We choose to share pricing from the beginning so that you can assess whether our services align with your monthly investment. It is also our way of being transparent and honest. Each potential client receives the same pricing, regardless of who they are and what they do. Our tier pricing is determined by how aggressive you want to be with your digital marketing tactics, not the size of your company. However, we may suggest a tier based on your feedback.

If, after reviewing the attachments, you find that our agency could fit your needs, we ask that you respond to that email with your interest. We will respond with the next step: scheduling an in-person, online meeting, or over-the-phone consultation.

We strive to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible, usually within 24-48 hours during business days. If your matter is time-sensitive or requires immediate attention, please call our office number. If you should catch us during a meeting, or after office hours, please leave a message so we can connect with you asap. 

While you wait, please take a moment to explore our website and familiarize yourself with our services, process, and past client reviews. This will give you a better understanding of our capabilities and the results we’ve achieved for our clients. Additionally, feel free to gather any specific information or questions you may have so we can address them more efficiently when we connect.

Free Website Audits

Absolutely! The audit can be done by you via our free website audit webpage, or we can conduct it before our scheduled call. The free preliminary audit is a great tool to assess your digital marketing needs. It allows you/us to better understand your business’s online standing. You’ll receive a report with sections on what each means, why it’s important, and what to do to improve its score.

Free Audit Overview:

  • Website links & authority
  • Local search rankings for specific keywords
  • Google Business Profile
  • Business listings on directory sites
  • On-Site SEO
  • Social media presence
  • Sites your business is reviewed on

Start your free website audit.

Comprehensive Audits

Our team can also conduct a more robust and comprehensive audit of your website and company’s online presence. This audit includes everything in the free website audit, except with more in-depth data, as well as:

  • A detailed list of your top local or national competitors.
  • A complete list of your industry’s most highly searched queries based on location and where your website ranks. 
  • Your detailed backlink profile compared to your top competitors. This audit lists all the websites that link to yours and provides potential links your business can acquire.
  • The page speed of your website on mobile and desktop devices and any issues that need resolving. A poorly performing website can impact your position in search engines. 

And much more. In addition to a downloadable document, we provide a screen recording for you to reference and a three month digital marketing strategy that sets the groundwork for optimal results

The comprehensive audit is free to new clients and starts at $350 for non-clients. The price is determined by the size of the website. 

Yes, we offer a FREE Local SEO guide to help you: 

  • Differentiate organic SEO from local SEO and understand the role of each
  •  Use SEO to expand your brand and reach your audience
  •  Strategically expand your relevance, distance, and prominence
  •  Optimize your Google Business Profile
  •  Build your roadmap to SEO success
  •  Drastically improve your local ranking results
  •  Get a solid ROI on your SEO investment


Who is the "We" Behind

New Generation Digital Marketing


A Message From NGD's Owner and Managing Director, Sarah Arizola-Claros:

At New Generation Digital Marketing, I proudly stand at the forefront of my agency. In the dynamic world of digital marketing, I wholeheartedly believe that no one person can master every facet of this ever-evolving landscape. That’s why I advocate for the power of collaboration and partnerships.

Within my agency’s network, you’ll find skilled individuals, each a specialist in their own domain, coming together to craft tailor-made solutions.

Our unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier, personalized services combines my expertise with the collective strengths of my diverse team, ensuring that each client receives a comprehensive and innovative approach to their digital marketing needs.

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