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Have you ever come across a Facebook ad that made you feel like you had to learn more about the product or service, so you clicked it and landed on a webpage that gave you information on how it works, the benefits, testimonials, and a way to purchase it? 

Maybe you took to Instagram to gather inspiration or information, came across a post or explainer video that caught your attention and gave you answers; so you explored the profile that made the content, and ended up following them and later purchasing from them? 

Sometimes it’s as simple as going to Google, typing in how to do something, and coming across a blog post from a company that shares ways you can approach it. As a result, you feel less overwhelmed about the process and you build up trust in the company.

What do all of these scenarios have in common? Content marketing. 

A content marketing strategy takes your business goals, and then uses content to attract and nurture potential customers throughout their purchase journey. 


Here are some examples of content marketing

Know your options to make a strategic decision on the right content marketing for your local business

Here’s how our content marketing can compliment your marketing goals and help you generate more revenue:

And much more.



Answers to the most common website and development questions.

It all depends on the content marketing services you choose. Smaller projects like infographic production and blogs can be completed much faster than e-books and website landing pages. The amount of copywriting, graphic design, if lead nurturing elements are associated with the campaign (ex: an email campaign that gets sent out when someone downloads a guide), and the time it takes you to provide feedback and approval can add to the time it takes to produce a content marketing piece. Once we speak with you over the phone, we can provide a general timeframe. A precise time frame will be provided through a content marketing strategy. More on this below.

While the actual amount of time will depend on the type of content marketing piece, your business, and circumstances, for a small to medium-sized business, a strong content marketing strategy generally takes between three and six months to yield real results.

Yes. Our team performs a deep audit of your business, which includes your competitors, your current buyer persona, your ideal buyer persona, and which content pieces and channels will deliver the best results. At the end of the process, you’ll receive a quarterly content marketing strategy that is reflective of your short and long-term marketing goals.

The cost of content marketing can vary greatly. This is because each business has different objectives. Some companies sell content marketing packages that are generic in approach.

However, at New Generation Digital, we feel the best way to provide our clients with success is through a custom strategy that is all-encompassing and reflective of the results they want to obtain. While that may read expensive, that is most certainly not always the case. Our audit allows us to phase services by quarter and provide cost-effective content marketing to businesses with a limited marketing budget.

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A Message From New Generation Digital Owner, Sarah Arizola:

Sarah Arizola Marketing

Being a business owner myself, I know all too well what it’s like to wear multiple hats. That’s why at New Generation Digital, our partnership with you is personal. Your success is our success. You’re not another client whose strategy gets mixed into rotation once a week.

We work to understand the ins and outs of your business and service(s) to separate you from your competition. We become your digital marketing ally, working on your behalf to market your business in a way that showcases your expertise, authoritativeness, and builds trust with your consumers. 

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