👋 Bye Instagram ❤️ Like Count

If you’ve been selected for the test, you’ll see a banner at the top of your home feed letting you know.

However, likes aren’t completely gone. You can still view the like count on your own photos and videos — just not posts from others (unless you manually count them 👀). Here’s what your feed looks like the IG like-less feature:

What Does This Mean for Businesses?

This change will have businesses looking at the Insights tab a lot more. Instead of relying on how popular a post is performing based on likes, businesses should be looking at saves, reach and impressions.

What Can Businesses Do About It?

Think of this time as the perfect opportunity to experiment with content – and engage with your audience. A like-less Instagram is one that will require you to interact and connect with your audience.

Put Content First. While this isn’t new, it’s even more important now. Create posts that support what you want your business to represent. For example, if you’re a remodeling company who specializes in historic restoration, post about the steps you take to provide the aged and refined look clients expect. Doing so will showcase your authority, and relay helpful information to your target audience.

Be Helpful. One of the best things you can do for your followers is provide value. It’s a great way to build trust and help them associate your brand with positivity and usefulness. For example, if you’re a tree trimming company, create content based on FAQ’s you receive on the job. Utilize the power of Instagram Stories to showcase landscaping tips to increase curb appeal while highlighting the value of your services.

Be Genuine. Don’t forget to humanize yourself. Give a behind-the-scenes look at your office, share staff through employee spotlights and capture fun moments at company events.

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